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Wood Finish Fiber Cement Board Wood Finish acquires impressive toughness, yet remains flexible and dimensionally stable. It is cellulose cement cladding that contains absolutely NO asbestos fibre, no fibre glass fibers nor formaldehyde.
Product information:
wooden grain siding panel adopts the high quality quartz sand, silicate, natural fiber, and a variety of selected mineral. With high temperature and high pressure. The product don't have any radioactivity and harmful elements. Belongs to new, green and environmental material. The surface with the typical natural cedar wood grain, appearance is natural and beautiful. Also can prevent the attack of white ant and sawteeth animals.
Products characteristics
1.Beautiful appearance, light weight and structural earthquake-resistant.
2.Heat insulation, anti-cold and high temperature resistance
3.Excollent fire-proof and damp-proof performance, class-A1 incombustibility.
4.High strength, anti-bending strength more than 12MPA.
5. Low expansion rate, low contractibility, no shape changing.
6. Well decoration effect, comfortable living function.
7.Green, environmental material,Good durabili
8.Being easy to be processed and fixed, Fast and simple construction, high efficiency, lower cost.
9.Surface can be coated and brushed
Data Information
Floding strength under the natural dampish state(Mpa):11 ±2
Drying shrinkage:≤0.06%
Anti-folding elastic modulus(Mpa):>3000
Clutching nail force:> 600
Heat couductivity coefficient(w/m.k):0.19(density 1200kg/m3)
Sound insulation calue:36dB(single panel)
Water absorption:25%
Packing: Wood Grain Fiber Cement Board suppliers

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